Become A Certified BCAT Organization
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Program Overview

Mansbach Health Tools, LLC (MHT) provides a pathway for health care providers to achieve excellence and mastery in the provision of memory care to their residents, clients, and patients by using the BCAT Cognitive Approach.  Memory care programs include, at a minimum, cognitive screening and memory enhancing activities. MHT recognizes three levels: 

  • Gold – demonstrated mastery in applying the BCAT Approach to memory care
  • Silver – demonstrated excellence in applying the BCAT Approach to memory care
  • Bronze – a commitment to quality and integration of the BCAT Approach to memory care

Organizations should complete the appropriate application and submit it to the BCAT Staff by:

  1. Emailing, or
  2. Faxing 855-850-8661, or
  3. Mailing P.O. Box 307 Simpsonville, MD 21150

The BCAT Staff will respond to the organization once an application is received.  Applications are then reviewed twice per month and the organization will receive direct feedback from the BCAT Staff. 

For more information about becoming a BCAT Certified Organization, please click the box below that best describes your business.