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WELCOME TO THE BCAT WORKING MEMORY EXERCISE BOOK! -- The book designed to improve memory


Working memory is the ability to mentally hold and manipulate information over a short period of time.  You might think of it as a cognitive “workspace” in which we temporarily store information we hear, see, or feel (tactile) in order to do something with it.  From a working memory perspective, the two dominant domains are phonological and visuo-spatial.  There is often a good deal of overlap and synergy between the two. There are direct consequences to impaired working memory.  Reduced or impaired working memory means that one cannot efficiently make new memories and may be limited in performing life tasks.

Here are some examples of everyday working memory:

  • Remembering a new phone number or an address
  • Following directions—“Make a left turn at the traffic light, and the gas station is on your right.”
  • Remembering a person’s name just after meeting her
  • Making a mental math calculation—You want to buy an item at the grocery store, and you quickly calculate whether you have enough money.


The 15 exercises provided in the Exercise Book are based on neuroscience research.  Each has been tested with clients who have cognitive capacities that range from normal cognition to severe cognitive impairment.  Each exercise type is further divided into “basic” and “complex” levels of difficulty.  These are relative terms.  Practitioners and clients should use this Exercise Book if any of the following goals apply:

  • To improve “working memory”
  • To increase a client’s ability to attend and focus
  • To teach/learn memory strategies
  • To improve cognitive-communication skills
  • To increase the client’s success and safety with functional tasks (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living)
  • To provide a buffer against future cognitive decline


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