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BCAT® Integration in Senior Living Communities

BCAT® Integration in Senior Living Communities

The BCAT® Approach is an evidence-based cognitive system that can be used by staff, healthcare professionals, residents, and families. The BCAT® system leverages comprehensive assessments, treatment interventions, and resident engagement activities to maximize the cognitive and functional abilities of older adults.  Senior living communities that use the BCAT® Approach focus on cognition as a vital sign with a common goal of supporting optimal brain health and cognitive wellness, enhancing resident and family satisfaction with community services, and improving financial outcomes.

Organizational partners leverage BCAT® tools and programs to meet the cognitive needs of residents living in all levels of care.  The scientifically validated tools found in our senior living packages support residents with normal cognition who are interested in maintaining their brain health, while also supporting residents with mild, moderate, and severe cognitive impairment. Additionally, BCAT® tools and programs are designed to improve staff retention and work satisfaction, as well as provide valuable resources for family members.


BCAT® Memory Care Community offers scientifically validated meaningful engagement activities for persons with cognitive impairment and supports non-pharmacologic management of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. Key features include:


BCAT® Certified Community identifies each resident’s cognitive level and uses this information to predict its impact on overall function and to inform care management. Certified communities offer 1:1 or group activities that challenge residents of all cognitive levels by allowing them to successfully age in place while maximizing independence in activities of daily living. Key features include:


BCAT® Cognitive Center of Excellence is committed to integrating the BCAT® Approach as the standard of care to meet the cognitive needs of the residents in their community, leveraging cognitive status to facilitate appropriate level of care determinations. The BCAT® Approach includes staff training resources, family education, and a variety of cognitive programs to meet the individual needs of the residents in the community. Key features include:

  • The Dementia Journey: A Navigation Manual for Family Members book.
  • The BrainSharp™ Exercise Book to offer additional cognitive activities provided by the Life enrichment staff.
  • The BCAT® Working Memory Exercise Book - Professional Edition and Home Edition
  • Basic Understanding to Dementia: The Healthcare Practitioner's Guide
  • Brain Health as You Age: A Practical Guide to Maintenance and Prevention


Key Community Outcomes Based on BCAT®

Looking for data to support the 15 For Me® and other BCAT® programs? 

Did you know that for staff who use the BCAT® 15 For Me® program:

Families who use BCAT® resources for their brain health state the following:


Benefits of Partnership

Organizations who partner with BCAT® enjoy the following benefits:

To learn more about our Senior Living options and how each can support your residents, staff, and families download our Senior Living Packages PDF.