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The BCAT® Test System is used worldwide by healthcare professionals across a variety of disciplines and settings.

BCAT® providers include psychologists, nursing professionals, rehab professionals (PT, OT, ST), care managers, physicians, and social workers. The BCAT® has also been proven to help predict discharge dispositions, identify those most likely to be re-admitted to hospitals shortly after discharge, facilitate level of care determinations, aid in fall prevention programs, and help with non-pharmacological behavior management.

With three assessment and treatment options available, select the tools that will best meet your needs.

The BCAT® Professional License
Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform
BCAT® Prescriptive Treatment Protocols
Online Training and Support
Healthcare Professional Tools
The BCAT® Professional License
$ 285
The BCAT® Test System License
$ 215
Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform
$ 89

To review the science supporting the BCAT® Approach, please visit our BCAT® Research Center Page.

For those who purchase a BCAT® Professional License or a BCAT® Test System License, our on-demand training platform supports each users’ ability to learn about the science behind the BCAT® Test System  and the utility of each test.

BCAT® Partnership Opportunities

The BCAT® Research Center has developed several clinical programs that meet the needs of older adults across the acute and post-acute continuum.  When used in conjunction with the BCAT® Test System and BCAT® Interventions, these programs will optimize the cognitive care delivery within your organization, enhance patient outcomes, and promote the overall health and wellness of the patients you serve. To learn more, visit the BCAT® Programs page.

Is your organization looking for a standardized cognitive care delivery model rooted in science?  Allow our experts to work with you to identify a customized care model that works to meet the unique needs of your organization. Email us at to connect with one of our BCAT® Strategic Integration Specialists today.

1. The BCAT® Professional License                                   $285*

Having access to the BCAT® Professional License is the ideal option for licensed healthcare professionals who are utilizing the BCAT® Approach. This approach to care integrates three systems: The BCAT® Test System, BCAT® Interventions and our ENRICH® Brain Health Program. With the BCAT® Professional License you have access to three scientifically-validated clinical resources that support comprehensive assessment and intervention tools to meet the needs of adults across the cognitive continuum.

NOTE: Clinicians may want to consider the purchase of The BCAT® Working Memory Exercise Book -  Professional Edition. This workbook contains key exercises that are integral to the protocols and offers interventions that enhance outcomes.

2. The BCAT® Test System License                                 $215*

On-demand training in the six unique assessment instruments detect changes in global cognition, multiple cognitive domains, and mood functioning.  Each test can be completed digitally (online) or via paper/pencil format. When completed online, each tool in the test system generates a patient-level report complete with overall score, factor scores, and impressions.  These reports provide objective measurement of current abilities/deficits, and provide predictive information related to the impact on functional performance.

The BCAT® Test System License is utilized by licensed healthcare professionals. This license includes:

3. Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform           $89*

Whether you are working with a professional or on your own, the cognitive activities in the Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform offer participants an opportunity to improve their cognition by completing interactive exercises that target memory, attention, and executive skills. The Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform is effectively used by adults in their home setting or by activities professionals offering 1:1 or group programming to target the cognitive skills that support independent living and aging in place.   

This online program is used to:

This program is periodically updated and enhanced with new exercises added to create a dynamic experience for the user.