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The BCAT® Approach is a unique applied concept for assessing and working with people who have memory and other cognitive impairments.

The BCAT® Approach integrates three systems: The BCAT® Test System, BCAT® Interventions and our ENRICH® Brain Health program for assessing and working with people who have memory and other cognitive impairments. The BCAT® Test System provides precise, evidence-based predictive values that are unique to the industry.  The six assessment instruments provide information related to cognition, practical judgment, and mood. The Brain Rehabilitation Modules (BRM) are also included in the BCAT® Professional License. The BRM provide online, interactive cognitive exercises that can be used to improve both cognitive and functional outcomes.

The BCAT® Professional License is the first step in the BCAT® Approach.  Are you interested in a comprehensive approach to cognitive care?

Need multiple licenses?

To order two (2) to ten (10) BCAT® Professional licenses, please have each person create their own account and purchase their own license using a credit card.  However, if your business requires an invoice for processing, please email with the number of licenses your company is purchasing.

To purchase 11 or more BCAT® Professional licenses, please email: to request an invoice for payment.

Pricing for multiple licenses:

1-10 licenses    =  $195 each

11-25 licenses  =  $185 each

26-50 licenses  =  $175 each

Interested in 51+ licenses?  Email us at for pricing.

Are you interested in organizational pricing or a corporate partnership with BCAT®, please email: to connect with one of the BCAT® Integration Specialists to learn more about volume discounts.

The BCAT® Test System
Brain Rehabilitation Modules
Online Training
Individual BCAT® Professional License
$ 195
Online Brain Rehab ONLY
$ 79

BCAT® Professional License

The BCAT® Professional License provides access to:

To review the science supporting your BCAT® Professional License, please visit our BCAT® Research Center Page.

Annual License Renewal Process

Licenses should be renewed annually on, or before, the anniversary of the original purchase date. To do so, you must purchase the license again above.

Renew BCAT® Professional License