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The BCAT®  Interventions are widely used by a variety of professionals as part of therapeutic skilled services, life enrichment programming, and as part of a cognitive health and wellness program to maintain brain health. To learn more about these evidence-based interventions tools and to order a set of books for your practice setting, visit the ENRICH® Bookstore.

Working memory is the ability to mentally hold and manipulate information over a short period of time.  You might think of it as a cognitive “workspace” in which we temporarily store information we hear, see, or feel (tactile) in order to do something with it.  From a functional perspective, working memory is a foundational cognitive skill that allows one to successfully perform IADLs and ADLs. Reduced or impaired working memory means that one cannot efficiently make new memories and may be limited in performing daily life tasks.  Improvement in working memory can improve cognition and function. 

For professionals, The BCAT® Working Memory Exercise Book - Professional Edition is a powerful treatment tool, linked to the BCAT® Test System, to improve cognition and function.  To purchase the Professional Edition of the Exercise Book, click here.

The BCAT WMEB Professional Edition

For patients/clients, The BCAT® Working Memory Exercise Book - Home Edition is an evidence-based method for improving cognition and function, either after or independent of treatment by a professional.  To purchase the Home Edition of the Exercise Book, click here

The BCAT WMEB Home Edition

MemPics Covers

The MemPics® Book Series. The MemPics® series is based on research, some of which was funded by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (OHCQ Maryland & CMS).  MemPics® books are designed to meaningfully engage participants who have memory loss in appropriate cognitively enhancing activities. The books activate old memories through pictures and conversations about familiar people, places, objects, and events.  The MemPics® books have six separate chapters. Each chapter contains four activities: a picture, fun facts, prompting questions, and a brief story.  MemPics® can be used individually or in small groups. These books may be used as part of a skilled intervention by professionals or participants can use the books by themselves or with family and friends.  To purchase any of the MemPics® visit our bookstore here


The MemPics® Grab'N Go book is a therapeutic extension of the MemPics® books series and  was created to provide activities that involve the five senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.  When used in conjunction with the MemPics® books, the user has access to over 300 novel activities that can used as part of skilled services or used in community-based programs.  To purchase this valuable resource, click here.

MemPics Grab'N Go

Included in The BCAT® Professional License is access to The Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform. This online program provides access to a variety of interactive cognitive exercises that target attention, memory, and executive control functions. We refer to this triad as the "cognitive task manager", as these combined skills are often used for  everyday functioning. This evidence-based program offers hundreds of combinations of both basic and complex cognitive exercises and  can be used as part of a  cognitive rehabilitation program designed to return the patient to baseline, to improve cognitive performance, or to promote positive cognitive functioning while buffering against cognitive decline.


The Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform is ideal for rehabilitation therapists and can promote positive rehab outcomes in occupational therapy and speech therapy. It can also  be used effectively by adults in their home setting or by activities professionals offering 1:1 or group programming to target the cognitive skills that support independent living and aging in place.

Digital Working Memory Exercise Platform

BCAT Partnership Opportunities

Is your organization looking for a standardized cognitive care delivery model rooted in science?  Allow our experts to consult with you and identify a customized care model that works for your organization. Email us at to connect with one of our BCAT® Integration Specialists today.