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The BCAT® Approach
Backed by science, easy to use, impactful results

The BCAT® Approach will provide your home care organization with a standardized comprehensive care delivery model to identify persons living with cognitive impairment, and to comprehensively assess and treat these patients to maximize their functional independence. 

Assessment Tools for Professionals

The BCAT® Test System is comprised of six unique assessment instruments that provide objective measures in the areas of cognition, practical judgment, and mood. These tests can be used alone or together to identify each patient’s cognitive functioning and to predict the ability to perform ADL and IADLS tasks. Adequate cognition and judgment are essential to successful chronic care management, and to demonstrate the  health literacy skills necessary to make healthcare related decisions.

Intervention Tools and Clinical Programs for Providers

The BCAT® Interventions include evidence-based tools that right size care for patients across the cognitive spectrum and leverage The BCAT® Working Memory Exercise Books to address deficits in attention, memory, and executive function. These cognitive areas are essential for completing functional tasks and maximizing independence. Programming tools include our prescriptive treatment protocols and the Strategic Management of Acute Rehab Transitions (SMART™) tool used to identify residents at greater risk for hospital re-admission. Additionally, the BCAT® Dementia Program, an evidence-based interprofessional approach to reducing dementia-related behaviors using non-pharmacological interventions.

Brain Health Programming for Patients and Consumers

Using the Transitions in Care Program, you will have the necessary resources to create a safe and sustainable discharge plan based on each patient’s level of cognition and functional abilities. In order to ensure each person has their own cognitive wellness plan, visit the ENRICH® Brain Health program at for free resources for patients and families. There you will find useful tools that engage patients in cognitively stimulating activities that support a brain healthy lifestyle.

Achieve Better, Faster Outcomes

The BCAT® Approach is used by Home Care providers and caregivers to identify where in the cognitive continuum a resident is functioning in order to recommend meaningful engagement activities and cognitive exercises.  The comprehensive BCAT® Dementia Program is the perfect solution for cognitively challenged residents in the home environment.

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About Us

The BCAT team is a multidisciplinary group of experts who are committed to providing a scientifically validated Approach with tools that address the continuum of care, from risk reduction to assessment to intervention. We’re helping providers, patients, caregivers, and others to address the rapidly growing societal and healthcare challenge of dementia and other cognitive conditions.