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The BCAT® Approach
Backed by science, easy to use, impactful results

The BCAT® Approach provides a go-to resource for healthcare providers, individuals concerned about memory loss, and families and caregivers.There’s no shortage of resources in cognitive health. Our Approach stands apart.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Our Approach doesn’t begin and end with an initial assessment. It includes prevention and risk reduction tools and a suite of tailored individual interventions to improve quality of life.

Expert Knowledge

Our inspiration and expertise is rooted in decades of behavioral, cognitive, and psychiatric clinical practice. Our team is a multidisciplinary group of experts committed to providing scientifically validated tools that address the continuum of care.

Established Partnerships

We are the preferred, trusted partner for thousands of healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and consumers.

Achieve Better, Faster Outcomes

The BCAT® Test System and BCAT® Interventions are used by acute care centers to identify where in the cognitive continuum a patient is functioning in general, and in terms of specific cognitive domains (e.g., memory, executive functions) that predict function. The BCAT® tools are evidence-based and used in acute care settings across the nation and internationally to optimize clinical outcomes and successful transitions in care.  SMART Program, a feature of the BCAT® Approach is rapidly becoming the standard in acute care for reducing at-risk patients for rehospitalization.  has tools for clinicians in acute care and throughout post-acute care.

Empirical studies confirm that implementation of the BCAT® Approach results in better, faster functional outcomes for aging adults.

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About Us

The BCAT team is a multidisciplinary group of experts who are committed to providing a scientifically validated Approach with tools that address the continuum of care, from risk reduction to assessment to intervention. We’re helping providers, patients, caregivers, and others to address the rapidly growing societal and healthcare challenge of dementia and other cognitive conditions.